Infant Massage ($60 per 1 hour class or personal session)

Learn how to massage your own child, in a supportive, hands on, interactive and personal or group experience.

Massage may benefit your infant by promoting bonding and secure attachment.  Increases both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  It will help develop a sense of trust and confidence in your infant.  It engages all of your child’s senses.  It helps promote feelings of love, respect and being valued.

Massage can also stimulate circulatory and digestive systems, hormonal and immune systems, coordination and balance, increase learning and concentration, muscular development and growth as well as mind and body awareness.

Many parents find that infant massage helps relieve gas and colic, constipation and elimination, growing pains and muscular tension, teething discomfort and cramps in their children.

Raindrop Technique Classes ($120/ 3 hour)

Learn how to perform Raindrop Technique on your spouse and other relatives.  Raindrop is a powerful technique that uses 9 essential Young Living oils.  This technique was developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980’s.  It combines several holistic modalities to bring balance and alignment to the body in a non-invasive manner.  It can also stimulate all of the body systems on a physical and emotional level.

Essential Oil Education Classes (free/2 hours)

Classes are offered to help understand Young Living Products and their many therapeutic and healthy uses for wellness, the home, beauty, and balance.