Massage Therapy

Raindrop Therapy ($85   1 hour)

This combines aromatherapy and massage with 9 Young Living Essential Oils to help bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, body and soul.  A great technique for someone who has never experienced massage.

Facial ($35   30 minutes)

You will feel pampered as your face is cleansed and toned using Young Living’s ART cleanser.  A relaxing, moisturizing massage will be applied to your face, neck and décolleté.  This treatment includes a steam towel infused with Young Living Essential Oil.

Body Brushing ($15   15 minutes)

This is a great detoxifying treatment to add to a massage or facial.  It not only feels great, but will exfoliate, increase circulation relieve stress and invigorate you!

Swedish Massage ($60   1 hour/$90    1 1/2 hours)

Classic techniques are utilized to deliver a soft tissue massage to the whole body.  Firm but gentle pressure is used to ease muscle tension and provide deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue ($40   30 minutes/$70   1 hour/ $100   1 1/2 hours)

This is the massage for the client suffering from chronic pain.  Your problem areas will be addressed with slow deliberate strokes to access the underlying tissue.  You may experience some discomfort initially, but you will leave with increased circulation, a better range of motion and decreased muscle tightness.

Prenatal ($30   30 minutes/$60   1 hour/ $825 package of 15   1 hour sessions)

Special techniques and body pillows are used to provide expectant mothers with much needed relaxation, and help alleviate pain and swelling.  Each massage will be tailored to meet the needs of both mother and child.  A great gift idea!

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy ($90 1 hour session)

This technique is a deep relaxing treatment.  The therapist’s body weight is use to press, sweep, swirl and relax the muscles. Many of the movements help elongate the spine. These movements dramatically stretch the shortened muscles, reliving discomfort. This technique helps the body’s lymphatic system to circulate. The biggest benefit of Ashiatsu is that after a few treatments it will help improve client’s posture and movement while relieving pain, improving bodily functions and creates a state of will being.


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